Ideas for Home Additions

ideas for home additions

Whether your life is in a constant status of evolution or you’ve been in a consistent state for the last 10 years, there’s always lush opportunities when it comes to your home. Home additions have also changed over the years. With technology and trends in the home market, many may be opting for minimalistic spaces over lavish spread out homes. There’s also a generation that (finally) is moving out of their mom and dad’s home. This leaves the empty nesters with a restless energy that can cause anxiety in a home. Younger homeowners experience this in that they are creative and energetic. They’re seeking change, sometimes even faster than contractors can accommodate for. Regardless of the stage in life, home additions are a fantastic way to change the pace in living space as well as lifestyle. Here are a few ideas when it comes to transforming your living situation into the right stage-of-life environment that you need.  Read on further to see more ideas for home additions

Ideas for Home Additions
Homeowners in large cities and metropolitan areas understand the value of a square foot. When that square foot runs over $750, there’s a great deal of evaluation that goes into the layout of space and ideas for home additions can help get a broader perspective and better understanding of what you may want in your project. While those who live in small space often have to deal with stacking and smooshing their belongings together to make rate, may have become quite creative with how they manage the space. In these situations, the best home renovation is sometimes more about removal than implantation. Taking out a wall and creating a larger visual space is a just as much a home “addition” putting one in. Creating a wide-open space means expanding the passage of your home without actually adding an additional room. If you’re a homeowner in a more rural area, sometimes this means that the most outside facing room transforms into what is called a “sunroom.” Installing long windows, rather than walls, and putting in sliding doors to the outside, allows you to enjoy and experience the outdoors from the comfort of your air-conditioned home. Seeing the expansion of space is priceless. Keep in mind, if this is a load bearing wall, this process will be more challenging. It’s best to consult with a licensed contractor.

Ideas for Home Additions 2
Because the actual household composition changes over time, your house requires adjustments too. Often times, once vacating, a family retains the décor, theme, and furniture of a room left to a child who has now moved away. While this is a nice gesture and the child probably is honored by this shrine to their childhood, this space could be better utilized. Another home addition can be made by converting the space into a workspace, craft room, or even another bathroom. The possibilities are endless and it’s important to look at ideas for home additions before you start the process so you have a better idea of what’s to come ahead. This space can be utilized to better organize your home. If you’re currently dealing with a washer and dryer whose location is in your hallway or in the garage, this area is perfect for a laundry station. Creating an additional room with structure for storage and the capacity for organization will not only help unclutter your home, but also unclutter your mind. Speak with the contractor about options for effectively transforming your child’s old bedroom into your dream space. They have a number of options and would be happy to tailor their specialty to fit your needs.

Ideas for Home Additions 3
Lastly, one of the most popular home additions is the kitchen. The kitchen, in most cases, has the most time spent in it by occupants. This means that it is dirty, more diminished, and by the end of a decade, less desirable than any other room as well. A kitchen additional allows reincarnation. What was once the countertops of a handful of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is now dents and bruises in the countertops from years of spills, slips, and missed chopping boards. Expanding your kitchen means having the chef’s kitchen you have dreamed of. This means installing that island, adding more light, creating more space, and making more room for upgraded fixtures. With replacing the old sink, you’ll see an instant change. However, once the specialists come in, you’ll be impressed by the expansiveness they can create for you.

Ideas for Home Additions 4
As a reminder, these additions and changes are investments. While you may plan to stay in your home for the next ten to twenty years, the value of your home will continue to flow with the tides of the economy. The one thing that you do have control over is the quality of home you keep. In creating more space, bringing in more light, and expanding your kitchen, you are creating a more desirable place for future buyers. One day, these changes may be the selling point of your home. Regardless, in time, the value of the home will bring an improved allowance for enjoyment in your home. When thinking about ideas for home additions, it may be the cost evaluation that makes you hesitant, however, the experience of existing in a home which you take pride in and are satisfied with, is ultimately invaluable. Lastly, be mindful of the benefit that an experienced home remodeling contractor can bring to your project. Often being able to rely on the expertise of a true professional that will be able to understand your ideas and transform them into your vision is worth the extra investment.

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