Planning a Bathroom Remodel

Planning a Bathroom Remodel

When it comes to planning a bathroom remodel, the most important part is often thought of as the actual installation process. While this part requires serious attentiveness to detail and accuracy, there is a part of the remodeling process that is often overlooked. Like most things in life, bathrooms require great planning. If not appropriately planned for, the remodeling can take extensively longer in duration and have additional complications that stand as obstacles in terms of completing the project. To start planning a bathroom remodel, there are several things that should be done to best avoid those potholes and to ensure that the process goes smoothly for the contractors and the clients.

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The most important part of the process of planning is knowing the vision. Bathroom remodels can cause a great deal of anxiety and having someone you trust to carry out your vision is key. Although a good contractor will know how to guide you and make helpful recommendations, it is a mistake to assume that you have no homework to do prior to planning a bathroom remodel process. Qualified contractors are often intuitive and have a wide range of experience and knowledge, but they still require additional feedback in order to customize the process to your needs. An important appointment to set is an initial consultation with a bathroom specialist. When eager to start the process, it is easy to get caught up in excitement rather than thoroughly outlining expectations. This part is crucial to ensure that the end product will be mutually agreed upon after the project is complete. Without proper vision, the project will lose its value for all parties involved. Be sure to consult with the people that will be using the space as a plan for look, usability, budget, customizations and extra features, fixtures, finishes, and etc. As a reminder, planning a bathroom remodel can be a very fun process so be mindful to not get caught up in technicalities and find them burdensome. Be creative and imaginative in this process. Additionally, keep in mind to have either natural light or upgrade your bathroom lighting. Technology allows for homeowners to customize their homes in a way that they’ve never been able to before. That’s true to every aspect, and also applies to lighting, an essential and often overlooked element. Your bathroom can be transformed into whatever you’d like it to be. Trust that your bathroom remodeling specialists will help you see that through to fruition.

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Once the vision has been established, it’s important to make sure that this has the ability to come to life. Can this project be financially managed? Speak with your contractor about cost to ensure that they understand your budget. Bathroom fixtures can be expensive, and it can be difficult for some clients to talk about money up front before they see how all these little expenses add up. They often feel uncomfortable or embarrassed to ask for itemized accounts of costs. The truth is that if declared up front, both parties have the ability to work through the things that cannot be sacrificed and those that can. There’s a number of economical ways to improve the value of the bathroom without sacrificing quality. Value can be discussed, and an agreement can come to be that allows for the homeowner to still have all the things they sought after as “essentials” while having a clearly outlined expectation of the end project. Sometimes that means that the sink may look different but discussing this with the bathroom specialist allows you time to adjust and fall in love with a new vanity. This is an integral part to the planning phase. What can happen if forgotten, is that the contractor takes liberties with spending and building that which they aren’t aware was already reserved for a separate project. Maybe you were planning on having your kitchen remodeled during the wintertime. Your budget should be honored throughout the process and communication is key for this. It can cause issues in the relationship and is often more difficult to discuss once one party feels taken advantage of. There’s absolutely no need for any of that to happen; up front and open honesty will make this process the easiest. The bathroom professionals have a good grasp on what is going to fit the most perfectly within whatever budget is expressed.

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Once the vision and budget have been set, it’s time for the infrastructural verification. Can the home withhold this kind of work? If the home is older and the bathroom is outdated, the new plumbing might cause concerns for the existing pipes. However, if you want to save money and make the project easier on everyone, you’ll want to consider keeping the plumbing as they are instead of redoing it. Using Google to gauge if your bathroom can withstand this work is not sufficient to understanding the actual capacity of the pipes. While it can be thought of as an additional cost, bringing in an inspector is always an option that may save on the back end. If you’re unsure about your bathroom’s infrastructure, consult with your contractor on the best course of action for ensuring that the home has sufficient support for the remodel. Nothing is worse than having a beautiful new bathroom and not being able to turn on the sink or flush the toilet. This is definitely not a crowd pleaser for guests either. Also keep in mind that sometimes with an outdated toilet, simply replacing the seat and lid can give it a better look instead of replacing the entire unit.

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Once all these details are handled, it’s time to prepare with a calendar. Having a timeline for a project helps takes care of several goals. It allows for “benchmarks” to track the progress and anticipated deadline of the project which keeps the contractor accountable, and the homeowner within their sane mind. While it can seem like forever when a remodel is happening, it’s always nice to know that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. In the case of a bathroom remodel, knowing the deadline helps effectively plan for the duration of time that your family may have to use a different bathroom and it helps prepare all the members the household for an approximate end date of all having to wait in line for a shower. If there is not a spare bathroom and you are staying at a hotel or with family, it also helps with anticipating the arrangements for the upcoming week. This investment in the property also is owed a proper countdown, allow this to be an exciting time of eagerness. Feel comfortable asking for updates on the status of the project so that the contractor can be held accountable and you have peace of mind about what stage is being worked on.

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Preparing and planning a bathroom remodel is often the most nerve-wracking point in the process. Anticipating future expenses or unexpected problems leads to worry and nervousness. That part, while normal, is not necessary. Having a structured plan, budget, and timeline allow the homeowner to have a sense of preparedness for the process. While this is a stressful and can sometimes be an expensive venture, the end product is well worth the wait. Finally taking a hot bath in that new tub will be an even more enjoyable experience. Once the remodel is complete and you are able to see the end product of all the hard work and patience, everything will be rewarding when you are able to show it off to all your friends and family. It’s important to not let the process or the idea of remodeling overwhelm or intimidate you. Don’t try to figure out all the steps ahead of time, consult with a qualified remodeling contractor and take it a step at a time. If properly planned and organized your bathroom remodel will bring forth a renewed sense of pride in your home for you to share with the ones you love.

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