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Eichler Homes

eichler homes 3

There is a specific style of architecture that is eye-catching and marvelous in a very simple way.  You may have visited a home of a friend or driven by one.  The first thing you might notice is an entry-way that is geometrically designed to welcome you into the home.  It’s elaborate but not overstated.  And once you’re inside, it’s impossible not to marvel at the ceilings, windows, and often the fixtures that have created a clean but unique atmosphere.  It’s likely that if you’re in this space, you are in an Eichler Home.  Joseph Eichler built homes throughout the 1950s and 1960s that reflected his affinity for Frank Lloyd Wright’s architectural genius.   In his prime, Eichler worked with a builder who was able to create just over 11,000 homes in the state of California.  His dream began to come to life when he saw that the popularity of his work was able to be shared by those of every class and race.  The legacy of Eichler Homes stands strong today still due to the aesthetics, location, and availability in the market.  Eichler didn’t just transform California home design, he left a lasting mark by creating a demand for the imagination in home building.

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