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Home repair can be a costly venture. You want to work with an experienced drywall contractor San Jose CA who is knowledgeable about the different aspects of remodeling and construction. Sam Jose drywall installation involves a detailed process. Drywall can be called sheetrock, gypsum, or wallboard, but it plays an important role in a home’s construction. When having your drywall San Jose job done, you want attractive, seamless results. It can be a strenuous project, involving heavy lifting and climbing. Yes, drywall is durable, but there are a few things that can damage it.  Trust your job with a reliable and professional drywall contractor San Jose CA to ensure that your job completes on time and on budget.


Drywall is an invention of the 20th century, for thousands of years plaster was the material of choice. Used by Egyptians, Greeks, Romans and Babylonians for just about every structure. Plaster was found in the excavation of Pompeii. Plaster can be found in Japanese and Israeli architecture. Drywall didn’t become widely used until the 1940’s and 50’s and even then was utilized with plaster. The cost of plaster labor is extremely high and after World War II and the Great Depression the ideal for owning a home was more sought after than ever! The Housing Act of 1949 paved the way for thousands of homes to be built quickly across the U.S. Drywall is easier and quicker to install as well as much more cost effective than plaster and is commonly used today. Today’s drywall can be mold resistant, fire retardant, and more able to stand up to various types of moisture and the everyday abuses of a busy family.


Causes of Drywall Damage

  • • Moisture damage
  • • Mice
  • • Children
  • • Regular wear and tear
  • • Holes from the anchors used in drywall San Jose
  • • Settling can cause cracks
  • • Poor ventilation


Some signs of drywall damage are sagging, stains, and bulging, these specifically, are signs of water damage. Some other things to look for are stained or flaking paint or wallpaper and musty odors.


Mold growth is one of the leading causes of drywall damage but is harder to spot than water damage. Mold only takes 24-48 hour to grow after any kind of water intrusion. Even severely contaminated by mold spores, the exterior can show little or no damage. The makeup of drywall is actually a healthy environment for mold growth. One of our drywall contractor San Jose  CA team members are the best people to help you understand when you need new drywall San Jose and how the process works.


Sometimes just repairing the drywall doesn’t correct the overall problem. If poor ventilation has led to cracked and damaged drywall, you will need to have the ventilation issues corrected as well. You want to choose a quality San Jose drywall contractor who handles multiple aspects of home repairs so one call will do it all. Home Quality Remodeling is your San Jose drywall repair and remodeling specialist.


Every San Jose Drywall Project is Unique

We know every San Jose drywall project is unique, so you can count on us to handle it as it should be. We will go the extra mile to ensure your walls and ceilings are something that will be part of your home’s look for decades to come. Offering exceptional, personalized San Jose drywall service, we know that your job deserves special attention. We take the time to understand your San Jose drywall project needs and expectations. We have a full San Jose drywall contractor team look forward to discussing your San Jose drywall options with you and coming up with an effective approach for taking care of your project needs.


Doing Much More Than Just Drywall San Jose  Repair

Our team of experienced drywall San Jose professionals can finish, install, or repair sheetrock, gypsum, green board, and cement board. Our drywall contractor San Jose professional team can step up to work on the project at any point. If you want us to complete the entire job or just finish a job that is halfway done, you can count on us to take care of the project to your specification. We do everything from repairing cracks in drywall to drywall finishing services. When you are looking for a drywall contractor in San Jose, you can rest assured that the experienced and well-trained team at Home Quality Remodeling can take care of the job in a way to save you time and money.


Why Drywall San Jose Is Popular:

  • Drywall is not very expensive, finishes smoothly and is easy to repair.
  • It is a quick and easy installation so labor costs stay low and it’s not time consuming.
  • It is a great insulator! Great for temperature and noise control. It will help keep your energy bill down.
  • Drywall is easy to update or change. It can be painted over multiple times.
  • Drywall is fire resistant.


San Jose Drywall Contractor

Our San Jose drywall contractor team understand that you want the job completed right the first time, and that is what you can expect from our team of dedicated San Jose drywall contractor professionals. Exceeding customer expectations, we continuously strive to get the job done right while also ensuring you are provided exemplary customer service. You can focus your time on your work and spending time with your family. Leave the San Jose drywall work up to us. You don’t have to worry about an unfinished drywall project or several visits to complete a job that drags on and on.  We get to work and finish the job in a timely manner.  Our drywall contractor San Jose representative are standing by to answer your call, show you project samples and ideas on how to best do your job.

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