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When it comes to your residential electrical needs, you want to work with a San Jose CA electrical contractor who can make sure that the job is done to specification every time. Home Quality Remodeling has an established reputation after having provided years of service throughout the area. When our residential electrician San Jose start the project, we get it finished in a timely manner. We don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them. Our electrical contractors San Jose CA team are highly specialized and are industry leading in Residential electrician San Jose CA services, understanding that homeowners have electrical projects of different sizes and different levels of complexity. Home Quality Remodeling can install electrical appliances, such as ceiling fans and fix problems, such as faulty light switches, shorts in lighting fixtures, and replace dimmers.


Ceiling Fan Installation

Every ceiling fan sold in the U.S. today is labeled with an efficacy rating; meaning how much airflow is put out in comparison to how much electrical energy the fan uses. For example, a good fan should put out a minimum of 100 cfm (cubic feet per minute), where a less useful fans output would be 30cfm. So, that means that fans with longer blades will be more efficient than shorter blades. For better overall efficiency it is recommended to run your fan on medium and lower speeds versus higher speeds. A ceiling fan is safe to leave on for extended periods of time, and even though a ceiling fan doesn’t technically cool off a room, the way it moves the air does give the body a cooling off effect and fans are useful for moving cool or warm throughout a room. A ceiling fan can enhance the appearance of a room, provide additional lighting, and reduce utility costs. Insured and well-trained, we have a full staff of licensed electrician San Jose CA experts who understand how to safely and properly install your ceiling fan, so it will look great and serve you well.


Motion Detectors and Smart Home Automation Electrical San Jose

Our electrical San Jose team can handle any of your electrical needs safely and quickly. Whether you need to install programmable timers and dimmers for your lighting or a full smart home automation for your home, you will want a reliable residential electrician San Jose expert to handle your wiring and electrical tasks with the utmost skill and professionalism. A motion detector for your garage or outdoor lighting is a great safety feature to benefit your property and your family. Trust our years of electrical San Jose experience to handle your full gamut of electrical needs. You can count on our highly experienced and honest electrical contractors San Jose CA to provide same-day installation and even help you choose the best product for your specific needs.


Smoke Detectors and Out-of-Reach Light Fixtures

If your home has tall ceilings, you might have light fixtures that are out-of-reach or hard-to-reach smoke detectors and alarms. When it is time to replace burnt out bulbs or change batteries in those hard-to-reach smoke alarms, you can count on Home Quality Remodeling to handle the job safely as well as quickly.


Electrical Contractors San Jose CA For Installing Light Fixtures

If it is time to update a light fixture, we provide fast, friendly and safe light fixture installation services. We have a team of electrical contractors San Jose CA who are well-trained to provide a prompt, professional, worry-free experience. Regardless of whether you want the dining room light fixture replaced with a chandelier or you want to add track lighting in the kitchen, our electrician san jose ca are up for the job.


Loose Sockets and Wall Switches

If your home has loose electrical switches or sockets, safety is a concern. Repairing them requires expertise and attentiveness as well. Loose wall sockets and switches can cause electrical arcs which can lead to fires. It can also lead to electrocution, burns and power surges to your device; which can ruin them. Ten percent of house fires are caused by faulty electrical outlets. Signs that your outlet might be bad are outlets that work only part of the time, if you have to force the plug in or the plug is loose. Another sign is cracked or scorched plates and burn marks. Electric work is tricky, important and codes change all the time; so make sure you choose a licensed electrician San Jose expert. Call the knowledgeable licensed electrician San Jose team at Home Quality Remodeling to address all your San Jose electrical needs.


Garage and Basement Lighting

We understand that basements and garages can be dark and uninviting. The right lighting can go a long way to transforming a dark space into a warm, inviting one. You want to choose lighting that will banish dark corners, so think about how long your lighting should be as well as spacing and the wattage needed; especially if your lighting is needed for a working environment. The lighting needs to be bright enough to illuminate for safety and ease of sight, but standing under super strong fluorescents for hours can strain your eyes. For this reason, overhead lighting is not your only option! Task, ambient and accent lighting are all great choices for meeting your needs. Our team has the skill to assess the situation and make recommendations regarding lighting to improve visibility and safety in those areas. Lighting can affect safety on many levels. We have a team of San Jose lighting experts.


Professional and Affordable San Jose CA Electrical Contractor

All our San Jose CA electrical contractor have undergone extensive training. We are licensed and insured and believe in handling every job – regardless of size – professionally and accurately. You should only expect high-quality results when dealing with our San Jose CA electrical contractor team, and with Home Quality Remodeling, that is exactly what you will get.

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