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There are many reasons the foundation of a home can sustain damage, requiring the services of a foundation repair contractor in San Jose. Soil inconsistencies, rapid changes in weather, poor pouring technique, and of course earthquakes, can all cause foundation. The foundation of your home is, quite literally, what it stands on. If your foundation is damaged and is not quickly repaired, the damage can spread. There are many early signs of foundation damage, however, which give you time to schedule foundation repair in San Jose. Trust Home Quality Remodeling to repair your foundation and ensure that your home continues to stay safe and solid.

Homes in California are particularly vulnerable to foundation damage because of the frequent earthquakes in the area. Close to San Francisco, this is very true in San Jose, where small quakes are almost constant but are rarely noticed by residents. We tend to think of small shifts as being unimportant to a home, but even very small earthquakes can move the surrounding soil enough to crack or unsettle a foundation.

Of course, there are other reasons that foundations can fail over time. Most commonly, changing weather patterns cause the soil to contract or expand, putting pressure on the foundation. The original construction crew also might not have accounted for the soil quality when they originally laid the foundation.

The good news is that if you’re attentive to your home, it’s easy to spot the early signs of foundation damage. Look for:

  • • Cracks in plaster walls,
  • • Doors that stick,
  • • Sagging floors,
  • • Pooling water,
  • • Moisture in basements or crawlspaces,
  • • Or bugs in the basement.

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Foundation Repairs

These sorts of issues can indicate that something is wrong with your foundation. The good news is that if you recognize foundation problems early, they can be repaired. In San Jose, Home Quality Remodeling is your best choice for foundation repair. By acting quickly to repair any damage you can avoid major structural faults in your home.

Our San Jose customers are busy people who both work hard and play hard. The last thing you want to do when you come home is worry about problems like whether or not your foundation is holding up properly. That’s why we work so hard to make sure that our projects are completed on time and on budget. We want you to know that we care about your home just as much as you do.

By fixing minor issues as they arise, you can avoid spending a huge amount of money to repair your foundation – and your home – in the future. We offer free consultations to determine if your foundation is causing problems for you in your home and to give you a quote on any repairs that are necessary.

Contact a Licensed Foundation Repair Contractor in San Jose

When you are ready to learn more about foundation repairs in San Jose, call Home Quality Remodeling. We’re experts in how local weather patterns affect foundations and are here to help you solve any problems that arise.

Contact us today by phone (925) 349-6084 or through our website form below to get a free quote and get the foundation of your home just as solid as it should be.

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