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In construction, framing is the fitting pieces together to give a structure shape and support. Engineered wood, wood, or structural steel are used as framing materials. There are different kinds of framing, heavy framing or light framing. An alternative to framing is mass wall construction where stacked materials are put in horizontal layers, such as using masonry, logs, rammed earth, or adobe together without framing. When it comes to finding a framing contractor San Jose expert, you can count on the experienced framing contractor San Jose team at Home Quality Remodeling to ensure your structure is built strong and is secure.  We have years of experience and have won accolades and awards as being a top-tier framing contractor San Jose provider.  Contact us today to see what makes us stand apart and why we only deliver exceptional results and settle for nothing but the best.

Choosing the Right San Jose Framing Contractor

Heavy framing involves using just a few supports that are heavy, such as those in steel framing, timber framing, or pole building framing. Light framing involves using more supports, but they are smaller. Examples of light frame construction include light steel, balloon, or platform framing. The more modern light frame structures get their strength from panels that are rigid, such as plywood composites like oriented strand board or plywood to form either some wall sections or the entire wall. Diagonal bracing is used to ensure many roofing systems are strong, and many municipalities have codes in place that require wind braces in the wall. Many projects call for specially framed shear walls that help buildings meet the codes and requirements of wind engineering and earthquake engineering to ensure the structure is safe and sound.  Hiring a San Jose framing contractor means doing research to find who has experience and sufficient positive reviews.  Hiring a San Jose framing contractor means looking at past projects to see that your vision will be properly delivered.  Hiring a San Jose framing contractor means to ask the right questions when it comes to project expectations.


The basics of house framing phases

There are a lot of steps in framing a home or building, but they usually fall into five basic sections.

Initiation: This where you determine what you need and why you need it. List pros and cons, go over these with your contractor and discuss solutions. At this point the San Jose framing contractor will form a plan, a team, a list of materials and supplies needed for the project.

Planning. This phase gets into the details of your framing project and will include timeline, a breakdown of exact work to be done a plan to get the resources needed. It will also include strategies for completion, a construction plan and details of the projected cost.

Execution phase. Also known as implementation, this part of the framing project is where the rubber meets the road kind of thing. A detailed accounting of progress and expenses and the realization of the performance and quality are the milestones of this phase.

Progress or checkup phase. Sometimes called the monitoring part, the framing San Jose experts will make sure the overall progress, costs and desired performance are all on track. At this time, finishing work will be done; such as painting, woodworking and any metalwork.

Completion phase. The end! The finishing part is always the favorite! A final inspection will be done at this time as well as the final touches, like clean up, painting and landscaping.


Structural Integrity – Framing San Jose

Your home’s structural integrity ensures its safety and how well it will serve your family for years to come. The framing is an important aspect of your home’s structural integrity. When it comes to ensuring your home is strong, durable and sturdy as well as safe, you want to have a trusted framing contractor San Jose team to handle the job. With experienced carpenters, masons, electricians, plumbers, and general contractors on our team, you can rest assured that your framing San Jose project will go without a hitch and that your home will be built to last for generations. There’s a good reason why folks in the area rely on our framing San Jose team to  plan and execute the project to perfection.  Your family will love to call it home for years to come.


Did you know?

The most common type of house framing today is platform framing. Platform framing is where each floor is framed as a seperate unit or platform. It is considered stronger and more accurate when measuring, is quicker and uses less wood. Additionally, this method required less labor which helps with cost.

Balloon framing was popular before that up to 1930 and can be found in older homes, but today is mostly used in stucco and can be useful for vaulted ceilings, open two story foyers and tall chimneys. Consider balloon construction for arched and angled windows.


Exceptional Results With the Right San Jose Framing for Your Project

When it comes to ensuring your San Jose framing project exceeds expectations, we will go a step above and beyond. We take pride in our San Jose framing work and we strive to make sure your project is completed so you will have a safe, secure structure that will serve you well for years to come. When you enlist our help for a construction project, you can rest assured that everything will be done as it should be. We take customer satisfaction seriously, and we understand that your completed San Jose framing project reflects on us. When you call Home Quality Remodeling for your San Jose framing needs, you can rest assured that the right framing for your project will be done. Consider framing your blueprint. It’s a nice visual and a good keepsake. San Jose framing is an important aspect of your project, so you want to make sure it is done up to par. Structural integrity is the most important aspect of your home, so you want to leave it to the San Jose framing experts. Let us put our years of framing San Jose experience to work for you.

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