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garage remodel san joseHome Quality Remodeling San JoseIf your garage isn’t up to par or can’t handle your storage needs, it might be time for a San Jose garage remodel.  You want to deal with an experienced contractor who understands all aspects of garage construction and remodeling projects. Home Quality Remodeling has helped hundreds of clients throughout the San Jose area with their garage remodels. Deciding to either build a garage or expand or remodel an existing structure is a major decision. We are with our clients each step of the way, making sure you understand the project that you are undertaking and that you are aware of the costs upfront.

Things to Consider About Your San Jose Garage Remodel

When you decide that it’s time to remodel your garage, there are several things to consider. Remember, garage remodels are expensive, so here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • • Either have a budget set or a ballpark figure in mind. Think about where a garage remodel is on your home improvement list and how much of your improvement budget you are willing to put toward this project.
  • • Determine how you will cover the cost of the remodel project. Always expect the unexpected. Know that a variety of things, such as unknown problems behind walls, can lead to more costs. Always factor in a 15% margin of error in case additional material costs or labor costs are needed.
  • • Know what you have in mind and know your priorities. Decide if your garage is going to be fully functional and decide what you are going to need, including everything from furnishings and appliances to new garage doors and windows. This way, if you must make cuts to stay in your budget, it will be easier to make a choice.
  • • Track your spending. Even if you have properly budgeted, that won’t help at all if you don’t know how much you have spent and what you spent it on. Create a spreadsheet so you can keep a running list of expenditures. As costs come up, they should be entered so you can keep accurate track.

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Use An Experienced San Jose Garage Remodeling Contractor

Don’t leave a major project like a garage model in the hands of an amateur. This is a major investment, so you want to make sure that it is handled by professional contractors who are experienced in taking care of such projects. Home Quality Remodeling’s team has years of experience in handling major remodel projects. We know about garages, houses, and other structures and can help you through the entire process. When you have a garage remodel, you want it to serve you well for years to come. You want it to be an investment that will increase property values, so we will help you determine which changes will be most beneficial to you and to your property values for the long haul. Call us today at (925) 349-6084 to learn more about Home Quality Remodeling’s San Jose garage remodel services.
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