Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Palo Alto CA

Just 14 miles from San Jose and 35 miles from San Francisco, Palo Alto is part of the Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay area. It has about 63,000 residents. When it comes to home remodeling in Palo Alto, people have learned they can trust Home Quality Remodeling’s team, which has years of experience, to take care of the job. Regardless of whether you need flooring, kitchen remodeling, or a bathroom remodeling Palo Alto CA, we put our skills and knowledge to work for you. We can handle any home remodeling project, regardless of its complexity and size.

Flooring Palo Alto

While your flooring is needed to serve a purpose in your home, it also affects the overall value and appearance of the structure. We can take care of your flooring Palo Alto needs. Our team is knowledgeable about all kinds of hardwood flooring as well as laminate, vinyl, carpeting and tile. We can ensure you get the perfect flooring without breaking the bank. Our flooring Palo Alto services include floor removal, floor installation, replacement, repair, maintenance, resurfacing, restoration, refinishing, sanding, buffing, waxing, sealing, coating, and staining. When it comes to flooring Palo Alto, you can rely on our team of flooring experts to do the job.


Palo Alto Bathroom Remodeling

You want to love your bathroom and your bathroom should love you back.  But for that to happen, you want a loveable bathroom. You want it to be a comfortable place with everything that you need to get ready for special events or big days. You want it to be accommodating and relaxing after a hard day at work. When it comes to a bathroom remodeling Palo Alto CA, we can take care of it – regardless if it is simple or something complicated and major. We can do the basic upgrades for your Palo Alto bathroom remodeling of your dreams. We can also handle the installation of a much larger jetted tub and more elaborate storage facilities for your Palo Alto bathroom remodeling. We respect your budget while following through with your expectations. We work with you to come up with an effective bathroom remodel Palo Alto plan for your home.  Our robust experience enables us to ensure that our planning and delivery of the Palo Alto bathroom project will exceed your expectations.


Kitchen Remodeling Palo Alto

As an integral part of your home, your kitchen must be up to par. After all, your family cooks there, eats there, gathers there and celebrates holidays and special occasions there. The kitchen is like the heart of the home.  If it is time for a kitchen remodeling Palo Alto project, we can take care of it. If you want a simple upgrade, such as new countertops, new flooring, or cabinet upgrades, we can take care of it. We can also take care of more complex Palo Alto kitchen remodeling projects, turning your kitchen space into the kitchen of your dreams and creating a luxurious and welcoming area.  Make the next topic of conversation when your friends and family gathering on how impressed they are with your new Palo Alto kitchen remodel job.  Our kitchen remodeling Palo Alto experts are standing by to take your call, show you project examples, and answer your project questions.

When it comes to bathroom remodeling, kitchen remodeling or flooring in Palo Alto, you can count on Home Quality Remodeling to get the job done right the first time. Contact us to get your free detailed quote.

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