Bathroom & Kitchen Remodel Redwood City CA

Located on the San Francisco Peninsula in the Bay Area of northern California, Redwood City has a population of 86,685 people. Redwood City is conveniently located 27 miles south of San Francisco and 24 miles northwest of San Jose. Home Quality Remodeling consists of a team of experienced contractors who have years of experience in completing jobs throughout California. When it comes to quality results, you can rely on our team of experts to get the job done right the first time.

Superior Flooring Contractors

Flooring is an important feature in your home. The flooring serves a purpose, but it also affects the overall appearance as well. Our flooring professionals believe that having the right flooring is critical to making the perfect home. We provide quality Redwood City flooring options for every client that we serve. We will provide you value for the dollar and ensure that you get quality flooring that will serve your family well for years to come.

For flooring Redwood City, we offer the wide range of service. We can provide floor removal, installation of new floors, floor replacement, floor repair, floor maintenance, floor resurfacing, floor restoration, floor refinishing, sanding, waxing, buffing, staining, sealing, and coating. We do the job efficiently, quickly and professionally while respecting your needs, budgets, and expectations.


Bathroom Remodeling Redwood City CA

When you find it is time for a bathroom remodeling Redwood City CA makeover, you want to deal with experienced professionals who will make sure the job is done as it should. Your Redwood City bathroom is an important feature in your house. It is much more than just a place to go freshen up. It should be a comfortable place where you can get ready for a big event or a special day, or a place to relax and unwind in a hot bath after a rough day. We can take care of it all from replacing countertops and cabinets to installing a new, larger tub or putting a new shower in. We even do plumbing. If you are looking to just upgrade and remodel your existing Redwood City bathroom or upgrade to something new and luxurious, we can take care of all bathroom remodeling Redwood City CA needs.


The No. 1 Name in Redwood City Kitchen Remodeling

Your kitchen could be considered the most important room of your home. It is where your family prepares and cooks meals, eats meals, enjoys gatherings and has holiday dinners. Regardless of the complexity of your Redwood City kitchen remodeling, we can take care of the job. We do cabinet upgrades, new countertops, a new sink installation, plumbing, and more. We can create the kitchen of your dreams for your Redwood City kitchen remodeling. Our Redwood City kitchen crew will go over your project and respect your budget. We believe in providing value for the dollar and exceeding customer expectations. When it comes time to update or upgrade your kitchen, you can count on Home Quality Remodeling for your kitchen remodel Redwood City CA.

Regardless of what kind of construction project you need done, such as a bathroom remodel or a kitchen remodel Redwood City CA, you can count on Home Quality Remodeling to do the job. Call us today at (925) 349-6084 to discuss your project needs.

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