Kitchen & Bathroom Remodel Sunnyvale CA

With a population of 149,596, Sunnyvale is a city in Santa Clara County, California. Home Quality Remodeling has years of experience in taking care of different home remodeling and contracting needs throughout California. When it comes to taking care of your home’s different remodeling or repairs needs, you can depend on our team to do the job.

Flooring Sunnyvale

Flooring plays an important role in your home. It serves an important purpose, but it also plays a major role in your home’s appearance and aesthetics. When it comes to flooring Sunnyvale you want to work with a contractor who understands what a critical element your flooring is to create the perfect home in Sunnyvale. Our flooring Sunnyvale services include floor removal, replacement, repair, maintenance, resurfacing, restoration, refinishing, sanding, waxing, buffing, staining, sealing, coating, and the installation of new flooring.


Kitchen Remodeling Sunnyvale CA

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It is where your family cooks and prepares food, the central location of entertaining and the location of your meals. As a crucial aspect of your home, you need quality kitchen remodeling Sunnyvale CA to create the kitchen of your dreams. Home Quality Remodeling can do it all, from a simple countertop switch or updated cabinets to a complete kitchen makeover.

We will take the time to understand your needs, so we can address your kitchen remodeling Sunnyvale CA to meet your needs and to leave your home looking better than you envisioned. We will create the kitchen you want, while ensuring it is a cost-effective project. A Sunnyvale kitchen remodeling will leave your home looking warmer and more welcoming.


Sunnyvale Bathroom Remodeling

While your bathroom is a necessity in your home, it is also an important space. It is a place where you can take a bath and relax, or the place where you can get ready for a major event or a big day. If you are looking for a bathroom remodel Sunnyvale CA, you can count on Home Quality Remodeling. Regardless of whether you need extensive plumbing work, a larger bathtub installed, or a new shower, let our experience go to work for your Sunnyvale Bathroom Remodeling.


Interior Painting Sunnyvale

A fresh coat of paint and walls that are professionally redone walls do much more than improve your home’s appearance. When you call on us for interior painting Sunnyvale, you are going to get a beautiful house as well as a home that has increased value. You want to work with a team of professional contractors who can bring experience, talent and skill to the project. Home Quality Remodeling’s team also has the tools and equipment necessary to complete any interior painting job Sunnyvale efficiently and professionally.

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