Retaining Wall San Jose

 Retaining walls play an important role. Does your backyard need some structural support? Are you wanting to improve the appearance of your property? If either is the case, a San Jose retaining wall might be the solution. When constructing retaining walls, Home Quality Remodeling’s retaining wall San Jose team offers both decorative as well as functional retaining walls for residential and commercial clients. Regardless of your property exterior’s size or setup, you can count on our experienced retaining wall San Jose team to construct a reliable, well-built retaining wall to meet your needs.


Retaining Walls in San Jose, CA

There are many options for constructing San Jose retaining walls. At Home Quality Remodeling, our retaining wall San Jose team offers high-quality and well-built retaining walls, it’s our business! Any San Jose retaining wall project we take on involves using only the highest quality and most durable materials. Because we know that a retaining wall is a considerable investment, we will take the time to sit down with you and go over all the  retaining wall San Jose options, so you can make an educated decision regarding which materials should be used and what style suits your needs. Regardless of the retaining wall San Jose project size or scope, we put our experience to work for you and we will complete the job in a timely fashion. Our San Jose retaining wall team of skilled contractors will go out of the way to ensure you are provided with exceptional service from start to finish.


Reasons for a San Jose Retaining Wall

The most common reason for a retaining wall is a necessity. It’s very effective in keeping soil and debris from running onto your landscaping and/or yard. Such a feature is also useful in omitting an awkward slope and adding depth to your property. A retaining wall can also be equally aesthetically pleasing! You can choose a cantilever, gravity or anchored wall among others that serve well in both form and function. There are five other reasons for adding a retaining wall feature; To prevent erosion, to increase usable space, prevent sinkholes, prevent flooding, adding visual interest-especially for curb appeal or resale value. Other factors of a San Jose retaining wall are Height, strength and absorption requirements.


Some San Jose Retaining Wall Options

There are several different options for quality materials to construct retaining walls. For example, as municipalities replace sidewalks, the concrete chunks that are dug up are often cleaned and recycled to look like an old stone that can be used in various projects, including retaining walls. By using recycled products, it helps the environment and keeps the landfill from being filled as quickly. And, the beautiful landscape designs are of great benefit to the property owner as well as the environment. There are various materials that can be used to construct retaining walls. Here are a few quality materials used for retaining wall San Jose construction:

  • • Concrete blocks
  • • Stone veneer
  • • Poured concrete
  • • Boulders
  • • Gabion
  • • Brick
  • • Wood
  • • Natural stone
  • • Timber
  • • Limestone

The kind of material depends on how the San Jose retaining wall will be used, where it will be used, and whether you want a more modern or traditional look. We will go over the different materials and make suggestions at which materials you should choose from for your specific retaining wall San Jose project needs.


The Basics of San Jose Retaining Walls

When choosing a style, size, and materials for your retaining walls, there are several things to take into consideration. Here are a few things to think about after you decide to add a retaining wall to your property.

  • • The architectural demands
  • • The level of maintenance
  • • Ease of installation
  • • Durability
  • • Variety of colors, sizes, shapes
  • • The weight of the wall
  • • Cost
  • • Possible design problems
  • • Does it have a solid core?
  • • Environmental impact
  • • The needed height
  • • The complexity of removal in the event you need to move it or take it down completely


How to Choose the Right Retaining Wall

Look at the space that the retaining will take up. It should add to the space not overwhelm it! Consult a Home Quality Remodeling San Jose retaining wall expert to go over materials that fit your needs and budget. Discuss the overall look, upkeep and durability of your retaining wall San Jose. For example, a patchwork brick wall with slightly rounded edges has a comfortable, relaxed feel. On the practical side, brick is cost effective, easy to waterproof and is strong. Does the look you want for your wall flow right with the rest of the yard and home? Are you adding a lot of flowers or shrubbery? Another budget friendly material is wood. Wood is naturally beautiful and gives your yard a neat, uniform look. Wood does typically last as long as stone or brick and would probably require more upkeep or replacement. Make a list of what you need and want the retaining wall to do for your yard. Think about your yards function and what will go in the space. A retaining wall San Jose contractor will partner with you to prioritize your list and make it happen! Other things your contractor will go examine is soil, for type, bearing capacity and it’s resistance to shifting, drainage system and location-this includes above and below ground utilities and property lines.

To learn more about San Jose retaining walls, or to get a quote for building a wall on your property, call Home Quality Remodeling today at (925) 349-6084!

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