In-Law Unit & ADU Remodel San Jose

You have probably heard the terms before since they are a growing trend, in-law units and ADUs. However, do you really know what either entails? Are you aware of the benefits of adding one of these to your home? Well, some people don’t even think about these additions until the need arises, but it could be very beneficial to your family and to your property values to consider taking care of these features before the time comes when you really must use them. When it comes to San Jose in-law units and ADU remodels, you can count on Home Quality Remodeling to put their experience and skills to work for you.

What is a San Jose in-law unit?

An in-law unit is legally defined as an accessory dwelling unit or apartment that provides a separate, additional living space on a property that would only have one living unit under normal circumstances. A San Jose in-law unit is not part of the home’s original design, so they are added to existing parts of the residence. Sometimes an in-law unit San Jose housing unit is referred to as a secondary suite. Depending on the jurisdiction where your home is located, an in-law apartment could be classified as multi-family housing and subjected to a different property tax assessment. Often, an in-law unit is a basement suite, a garage, or an apartment over a garage.  Sometimes a dwelling is built-on or attached to a single-family home much like a small guest house. To be an in-law unit San Jose legal entity, it must have its own entrance, a kitchen, a bathroom, and living space, including a bedroom. Usually, common space, such as living rooms or laundry rooms, are permitted. Usually, a San Jose in-law unit ranges from 300 square feet to 700 square feet. Depending on your community, an in-law unit San Jose CA project can be a real asset to your property value. All the proper permits must be obtained, and the project cannot violate local zoning ordinances. Home Quality Remodeling is experienced in in-law unit San Jose CA projects and the remodeling process.


What is a San Jose ADU?

An accessory dwelling unit, which is called an ADU, is just a modern term for an old idea. You basically have a second small dwelling either attached to your single-family home or built on the same grounds. It could be a tiny house on a foundation in the backyard, a basement apartment or suite, or an apartment located above the garage. A San Jose ADU is a great place for relatives, such as elderly parents, or for adult children who are just entering the workforce and who aren’t ready to move out and away on their own yet. Regardless of the kind of San Jose ADU you have, it is part of the same piece of property as the main home as both properties have the same owner. If you are looking for a San Jose ADU remodel, let the skills and experience of Home Quality Remodeling go to work for you and build your in-law unit San Jose CA or San Jose ADU.


Creating a Great In Law Unit

Since these spaces are not large it’s important to maximize function, lighting and flow. Luckily, it’s easy to personalize and infuse style into a smaller living space. First, establish priorities. Does your in-law like to bake? Need extra storage? Is privacy important or do they need an ease of access to the main house to bond with the family? Think about materials, such as the comfort of carpet over hardwood. Are they always cold? If possible, have the in-law space on the bottom floor. Consider no slip floors, hand held shower fixtures, grab bars and avoid making cabinets too high. The ADU should have it’s own light, heating and cooling controls, smoke and carbon monoxide testers, it’s own phone and cable jacks. For maximizing space choose a stackable washer and dryer, create natural light with large windows, lighter stains and paints for cabinets. Bright colors will give the space an larger, more open feel, as will higher ceilings. Avoid large and bulky furniture and fussy, overworked detailing and fixtures.


In-Law Remodel Unit San Jose

Sometimes, you might need your ADU to be a multipurpose space. Maybe, you don’t need it for the in-laws all year round. These suite additions can be used for rental income, home office space, extended stay rooms for guests, etc. A Home Quality Remodel expert can come up with a great blueprint and strategy to create the perfect multipurpose space to allow flexibility and keep a cohesive style. Another style tip: Keep the color palette neutral; this allows whoever is staying there to add their own personal touches and color scheme, with things like rugs, throw pillows and artwork.

Top Benefits: First and foremost, it helps keep families together, keeps costs down of getting aging parents a seperate home and worrying about their safety. Secondly, guests will be comfortable and everyone can keep their privacy and sense of seperate space. Rental income can be a huge benefit, increased home value, extra storage for larger and seasonal items, like skis and bicycles are also pluses of a ADU or in-law unit.


Your San Jose In-Law Unit and ADU Remodel Experts

When it comes to in-law units and ADUs in San Jose, you want to work with an experienced contractor who is knowledgeable about these construction projects as well as the zoning ordinances and building codes.  We have years of San Jose ADU experience, call us today and we’re standing by to answer all of your questions.

Call Home Quality Remodeling’s in-law unit San Jose CA team at (925) 349-6084 today to discuss your San Jose ADU project needs.

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