Full bathroom remodels can range in price from $15,000 to $25,000. This is an industry standard that applies to most single-family homes. The variables in the pricing are the finished materials that are selected. The scope of work for a bathroom remodel in these prices ranges are: New shower/tub, tiling shower walls/tub surround, vanity, flooring, light fixtures and painting.

Some cities do not require a permit for bathroom remodels. Please check with the planning department in your city to find out if they require a permit for a bathroom remodel.

In the event that the project requires removing walls, or reframing portions of the bathroom, the city will require permits and drawings of any framing changes to the floor plan. These drawings do not always require an architect. Please consult with your city about any requirements for removing a load baring wall.

Full kitchen remodels can range in price from $30,000 to $50,000. This is an industry standard that applies to most single-family homes. The variables in the pricing are the finished materials that are selected. Most customers will decide to include dining areas or laundry areas when having a kitchen remodeled. The scope of work for a kitchen remodel in these price ranges are: new cabinets, counter tops, backsplash, flooring, painting, possibly appliances and lighting fixtures.

Cities require permits for full kitchen remodels. Please consult with your city’s planning department if they require permits for installation of only cabinets and countertops.

All prices include labor and rough materials. Finished materials vary by project. Permits are not included in pricing. Please schedule an appointment for more information about bathroom and kitchen remodels.

The first step in adding sq. ft to your home is the blueprint process. The price for plans can range from $8000 to $12000, however the cost can be more depending on the extent of engineering involved in the addition. The average price is around $10000. The architect will create a set of plans based on the customers approval and submit them to the city and make any changes necessary to obtain the permits for the building. The customer pays all costs associated with the permits from the city, however HQR can obtain the permit on the customer’s behalf.

The production of the addition averages around $400 a sq. ft. The variables of this price are the type of finished material the customer selects. The average time frame for blueprints can take from 3-5 months, depending on the city. The time frame for the production of the addition can range from 4-6 months. The variables of the production time frame can depend on the delivery of material, inspections or change orders.

Change orders are addendums to the original contract. Change orders can be a change in the scope of the work, the type of material to be installed or if a customer changes their mind after seeing the progress of the work and makes a design change. Some change orders are a result of unforeseen issues that were not present during the consultations and estimate process. Change order can increase or decrease the cost of the project or time frame for production. For further questions regarding an addition, please give us a call.

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